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Requirements to host a wine tasting in excellent condition

The tasting room should look just like a library, where books are read instead of reading glasses of wine. A quiet, neutral aroma and can be inspiring, allowing tasters to focus all attention on the wine through the senses of smell, taste, sight and touch. No distractions sound or background music and good ventilation. Avoid spaces such as the living room of a restaurant at mealtimes, a kitchen and a barrel room.

Free of aromas






Well lit


Good ventilation






It is forbidden to use air fresheners, perfumes and scented soaps. Preferably with natural light, avoiding the neon tubes or white colors and ensure a good distribution of light among the tasters. The most suitable temperature would be between 18º and 22º, and humidity around 60%, since a too dry or wet environment may affect the mucous membranes of the tasters.

Equipment and furnishings necessary to conduct a wine tasting

Check List This describes a wine tasting standard. If you want something more informal event standing can also be arranged by changing some variables. For groups over 30 people we include a sound equipment and waiters to serve wine and respect the timings.

More information

Individual tablecloths

To view the wine color it must be a white background. We chose for our individual tablecloths of white paper.

Tables and chairs

Tables are needed to leave the glasses and chairs to sit as the activity lasts 1 hour and a half. Are not included in the budget, although there is the option of renting it.

Wine glasses

We need some crystal glasses suitable for the wines that will be tasted. We always provide it.

Water and glasses

Water is very important, the glasses are optional. We only provide it in case you don’t have it already.

Wine tasting spittoons

Even if you have any intention of spit it up, it is always indispensable to have wine tasting spittoons. We take them.


The bread in their neutral flavor helps to clean the mouth, especially among tannic wines. We also bring in.


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