The joy of wine tasting

Appreciate aromas & tastes

The fascinating feeling of knowing how wines differ from each other. An experience to share, learn and enjoy! 

More than wine

We see a wine bottle as a time capsule, through which a vineyard, its landscape and its people remain alive for decades. It’s the story of generations, of victories & failures and the joy of finally sharing their passion. 

Private tastings

Local wines

Depending on your tasting preferences we can taste a wide range of wines, all harvested and produced in Catalonia: white, rosé, red, sweet or sparkling. The Premium option includes a high-priced wine selection.

Do you have the suitable space?

A quiet environment is needed for the tasting: A space with enough light and free from distractions, noises and smells. To make sure your space complies with all the requirements see our Check List


Groups of 2 to 60 people


1h 30'. We recommend 11am or 6pm.

How many wines we are going to taste?

Five different wines (small groups normally taste only four wines due to the budget purposes - changes possible). There is the option of combining half wines half olive oils.

Is it possible to buy some extra bottles after the tasting?

Yes, as long as there is availability of stocks and you ask for it in advance.

Organize your wine tasting

Request availability and prices

Make a reservation


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