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Extra virgin olive oil tasting

Let’s detect flavors and aromas

To perceive aromas, flavors and textures of olive oil is even easier to do than a wine tasting. Check it out!

Properties of olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil is a very good product for health. So we should know the best way to put it in our kitchen and our dishes.

Let's taste the liquid gold

Empordà and catalan olive oils

We will taste extra virgin olive oil, green and ripe, different varieties like argudell from Emporda, salar from Arbúcies or arbequina. Catalan olive juice.

Do you have a suitable space?

A quiet place is required to taste. A well-lit and free from distractions, noises and smells. To check that your site meets all the requirements you can look at the Check List


Groups between 2 and 60 people


1h 30'. Recommended hours: 11am and 6pm

How many olive oils are we going to taste?

Five different oils, except for small groups who have budgeted only four oils. If you want to taste more bottles must be requested budget. There is also the option of combining wines and oils.

Is it possible to buy some bottles after the tasting?

Yes, as long as there is availability of stocks and you ask for it in advance

Organise a virgin olive oli tasting for your people

Check availability and ask for a price



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