Empordà Personal Sommelier. Popularizers of wine culture for vocation and specialist wines of Empordà intuition. After carrying communication wineries and cellar ampurdanés and working time in Burgundy began its own project for everyone to enjoy wine and at the same time, contribute to putting the Emporda wines in the wine world map.

From an early age I have been guided by curiosity, which led me to study journalism and my degree in advertising and public relations. The initial idea was to travel the world chasing the news, research, in order, I suppose, to understand human beings and their environment. But why go so far when the answers are so close?

A likely target genes. After working in marketing departments and some in the world of hospitality, I came to bring communication and incipient demand enoturística a historic wine cellar of Empordà Denomination of Origin . What we did not know was that there would know my passion, the culture of wine, and I love a land that was so familiar Emporda.

I believe that communication is the key to happiness and that wine is the lock. And following that hypothesis I moved to Burgundy, to work for a few months in one of the epicenters of wine tourism worldwide, the Côte d’Or. There I could confirm: the wine has the potential to capture the essence of a land and the people who work and love. It is the elixir of emotions. Everything Wine is communication.

Need to learn to have fun. It was time to go home, and I had to do it with a new target under the arm. Contribute to drink wine from the popular knowledge and without sacrificing enjoyment. Joining forces for the wines of Emporda reach all homes and preparing to fly far. The wineries called back to my door and offered me the opportunity to tell stories through wine. And I accepted the challenge.


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