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Wine bar for events

Exiting catalan wines

We recommend Emporda wines and Catalan wines according to your tastes and preferences and be sure that your guests become the real fans. It may include international references on request.

Qualified sommeliers and waiters

Ensuring that behind the bar there are people who know each product and know how to use it. Ready to meet international audience in their language. 

What do I serve you

Artisan cheese and dry meats

Additionally we can make a selection of cheeses and cold meats to enjoy, as well as bread, extra virgin olive oil and jams for cheese. Suggested pairings to suit the client.

Bar logistics solved

We have all the logistics for a wine bar premium. Weddings, private parties, trade shows, product launches and incentives for business meals, etc.

Is there a minimum or maximum of people?

Just know the maximum number of people expected to come to calculate the amount of wine and food that we need.

Is there an stipulated time of duration?

No, so you can ride a wine bar for a specific esdeviment as a whole weekend.

How many wines are we going to taste?

Our recommendation on the number of different bottles to taste adapted as appropriate.

Do you serve outside the bar?

If necessary yes, we will do everything possible so that the wine service is impeccable.

The wine bar it's on us

Check availability and ask for a budget

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