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Terroirs of Empordà


Let’s smell Empordà without leaving your chair. During sensory journey we will review the different soils found there. But what is terroir? To sum it up is arguably the combination of soil, topography, climate, biodiversity, grape varieties and the human factor. Do you want to know more about it?

Wine & Glasses


Discover how the recipient it does matter. Today we use wine glasses made of transparent glass or glass to drink wine, but not always so drunk. Discover other containers and find out which is the best glass for each wine.

Food & wine pairing


Wine and food are inseparable companions. We will review the basics of pairing while tasting four wines and tapas that have several options to be combined. But who helps whom?

Virgin olive oils


Do you know how to distinguish an olive oil from an extra virgin olive oil? The olive oil is the juice of olives, even green or more mature, and is a basic of Mediterranean food.

Winemaker for a day

Team building

Make your own wine, but yes, like a team. You must decide what style of wine you want and what the grape varieties dureu out with a small team of three to five people. What name would you give to your wine?

Wine aromas

Family workshop

To develop the sense of smell in family. Parents and children have to guess up to 24 aromas that are hidden inside a glass of wine, like fruits, flowers, spices. A workshop to discuss the aromas of wine without smelling wine.

Music & wine pairing


Wine perceived with the five senses. If tasting a wine needs the sense of smell, taste, sight and touch, let’s check that the ear is also involved, playing the key of our emotions.

Wine tourism marketing


We are experts in communications, our job is to transmit. Conferences, talks, courses and workshops to promote wine tourism and give advise from the point of view of marketing and communication.

Communication is our thing

Workshops, trainings and team building through wine

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