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From the classics to the avant-guarde

Urban wine and tapas route through Figueres, the city of the Empordà. A region known for its agricultural diversity and its sea and mountain cuisine, i.e. meat and fish. In the 1970s the Empordà chefs Lluís Duran and Josep Mercader, influenced by the techniques of the nouvelle cuisine française, renewed the recipe book of contemporary Catalan cuisine as we know it today. We will taste classic tapas from this gastronomic legacy accompanied by Empordà wines to match the wines on tap. Three itineraries are offered: the one that starts at El Motel, the one that begins at the Celler de Ca la Teta and the one at Can Jeroni, which includes a visit to the fruit and vegetable market. Organised by Figueres City Council and Laura Masramon.

Rutes enogastronomiques Figueres
Itinerario Torre Galatea

The itinerary starts at El Motel, the restaurant of the Hotel Empordà, where we will taste a totem of Empordà wine accompanied by one of the classic dishes of the mythical restaurant created by Josep Mercader, by the hand of Mr. Subirós. We will walk to the Dalí Museum, and we will have a second wine tasting on the private terrace of The Museum Apartments located between the Museum gardens, the Galatea Tower and the church of Sant Pere. We’ll finish with a tasting of virgin olive oil DOP Empordà on the terrace of the Txot’s Cider House in Figueres, to take a journey through its fusion cuisine with a tapa of veal and cider, or an exquisite apple juice.

Ruta enogastronòmica Figueres
Itinerario Sede DO Empordà

This itinerary begins at the building of the Regulatory Council of the Empordà Designation of Origin, with a tasting of Garnatxa d’Empordà in its tasting room where we will explain the characteristics of this wine region in the north-east of Catalonia that borders France. We will then move on to the Ca la Teta winery at the Hotel Duran, managed by Lluïsa and Ramon Duran. The place of Salvador Dalí’s mythical encounters, full of gastronomic treasures, where we will taste another Empordà wine paired with a classic sea and mountain tapa. We will finish the route on the stairs where the tribute to Isaac Newton is located, from where we can glimpse the open kitchen of Bocam, and where we will taste some of his culinary fusion creations, paired with a wine with a markedly Mediterranean character.

Itinerari Mercat de Figueres
Itinerario Mercado de Figueras

This itinerary begins with a wine and a dish at Can Jeroni, an extraordinary family restaurant, run by Roser Bronsoms, the fourth generation of women at the helm of this century-old business. Their cuisine smokes with dishes of authentic Catalan tradition made with local produce, and they serve fork breakfasts for their demanding clientele. On the way out, we’ll go to the Local Fruit and Vegetable Market, and among the medlars, Figueres onions and sweet botifarras, we’ll taste an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from DOP Oli de l’Empordà. We will finish the route with a tasting of authentic Empordà beers at Rufa Cervesera de l’Empordà, a craft beer brewery located in an old printing press in the centre of Figueres.

Actividad para todos los públicos

Los menores de edad no podrán catar los vinos pero si los platillos.

Accesible para personas con mobilidad reducida

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15 personas


Domingo 10.04.22 / 10.30h-12.45h / Itinerario DO Empordà (Semana Santa)
Jueves 14.04.22 / 11.30h-13.45h / Itinerario Mercado (Semana Santa)
Viernes 22.04.22 / 10.30h-12.45h / Itinerario DO Empordà
Sábado 30.04.22 / 11.00h-13.30h / Itinerario Torre Galatea (Fiestas de la Santa Creu)
Sábado 30.04.22 / 18.00h-20.30h / Itinerario Torre Galatea (Fiestas de la Santa Creu)
Martes 03.05.22 / 18.00h-20.15h / Itinerario DO Empordà (Fiestas de la Santa Creu)
Domingo 08.05.22 / 10.30h-13.00h / Itinerario Torre Galatea
Sábado 14.05.22 / 11.30h-13.45h / Itinerario Mercado
Lunes 06.06.22 / 10.30h-13.00h / Itinerario Torre Galatea (Pasqua Granada)
Sábado 18.06.22 / 11.30h-13.45h / Itinerario Mercado
Miércoles 29.06.22 / 10.30h-12.45h / Itinerario DO Empordà (Sant Pere)


Tarifa completa: 25€
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  • Estudiantes mayores de edad, Carnet Jove, jubilados y personas que presenten el carnet de discapacidad: 20€
  • Niños entre 11 y 17 años: 15€
  • Niños menores de 11 años: 10€
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