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Course of wine tasting

Wine tasting introduction

Paving the wine tasting through the dynamics of the game and the chips taste. To get the guidelines will help us to use the tools of sensory analysis in any type of wine.

Emporda wines

Monograph wines empordanesos distinctly Mediterranean. To learn how to distinguish the different terroirs know through the vineyards, varieties such as Grenache, Carignan or muscatel, especially those.

Catalan wines

Walk around twelve appellations of origin Catalan referring to different geographical areas and enjoy a representative part. To map a variety of climates and soils of northwestern Mediterranean.

Wines of the World

Taste for travel directions or travel to taste wine? The differences between wines produced in areas of climates and cultures found surprisingly well and helps to better understand the international grape varieties and trends in winemaking and aging of wines.

Sparkling World wines

Cava, Champagne, Crémant, Prosecco, Sekt … know the differences between different varitetats sparkling wines, various methods of preparation and regions of the world through the bubbles.

Aromas of the wine

How the aromas in wine are created? A workshop to learn more about the magic of the aromas of wine and help us more easily identify each of these flavors.

Flavors of the wine

A wine can have up to five different tastes, sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Not to mention the descriptors of textures and sensations elegance, lightness or astringency.

Aging of the wine

It is wise to choose wines based on the time they have spent in an oak? There are other ways to make wine becomes complex and duration. Understand the key trends and buying wines.

Food and wine pairings

Wine and food are an inseparable binomial. We will review the foundations of pairing while tasting four wines and four tapas that will show us the possible combinations. Looking for balance of flavors.

Wines & wine glasses

Discover how the recipient it does matter. Today we use wine glasses made of transparent glass or glass to drink wine, but not always so drunk. Discover other containers and find out which is the best glass for each wine.

Winemaker for a day

Make your own wine, but yes, like a team. You must decide what style of wine you want and what the grape varieties dureu out with a small team of three to five people. What name would you give to your wine?

Empordà wine route

The best way to learn how wines are now Emporda is stepping vineyards, visiting wineries and tasting wines in situ soil accompanied by other local food products.


Up to 25 people

How many wines are we going to taste?

In a workshop tasted six wines. Change wines to taste each year, so they are always different wines.

You can do the course if you've never done a wine tasting?

Yes, it is an introductory course where everyone can participate. In each workshop explain new things to be learned, but never too late to join them!

When is the next course of wine tasting?

The introductory course in wine tasting I repeat once or twice a year, so if you missed you can join a workshop to make it to the next edition.

Upcoming courses in wine tasting

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